ANTONYMS – Basic English Grammar For Competitive Exam

Essential English Grammar MCQ For Antonyms

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ANTONYMS - Basic English Grammar For Competitive Exam

Antonyms English Grammar MCQ 40+ Important Question

What Is Antonyms ?

Ans:- An Antonym is a word or phrase which is opposite in meaning of another word or a phrase. Example:- The Antonym of the word ‘Abundance’ is ‘Scarcity’

English Grammar Exercises Practice

Directions (Qs. 1 to 25):- In These questions, each sentence consists of an underlined word or a phrase followed by four words or phrases (A), (B), (C), and (D). Choose the word or phrases which is closest to the opposite in meaning of the underlined word or phrases.

English Grammar MCQ

1. The salesman’s speech was punctuated with frivolous remarks.

(A) Profound

(B) Effective

(C) Grave

(D) Provocative

2. The Drug Gave him instant relief from pain.

(A) Final

(B) Complete

(C) Genuine

(D) Delayed

3. His radical Views Made him Unpopular.

(A) Conservative

(B) Narrow

(C) Outmoded

(D) Childish

4. The Indian Cricketers put up a dismal performance in Australia.

(A) Cheerful

(B) Spirited

(c) Bright

(D) Memorable

5. He was poor and arrogant.

(A) Modest

(B) Obedient

(C) Timid

(D) Earnest

6. The injection was given to the patient to alleviate the pain.

(A) Elevate

(B) Sharpen

(C) Aggravate

(D) Promote

7. There is quite tenuous evidence for it.

(A) Substantial

(B) enough

(C) Reasonable

(D) Ample

8. The world media has tended to focus for more upon occasional discord than on our spectacular achievements.

(A) Tranquillity

(B) Harmony

(C) Failure

(D) Confusion

9. The Evidence indira gave in support of her theory was quite copious.

(A) Unsatisfactory

(B) Unconvincing

(C) Poor

(D) Scanty

10. Self reproach is not always very good thing.

(A) Self-esteem

(B) Self-assurance

(C) Self-justification

(D) Self-satisfaction

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