Assam Direct Recruitment 2022 Interview Test Preparation

Assam Direct Recruitment Interview Details

The Govt of Assam has published the Assam Direct Recruitment Notification for 25,792 posts accordingly the State Level recruitment Commission(SLRC) of Assam under the Govt. of Assam has initiate the recruitment process. The Board of Secondary Education of Assam(SEBA) has conducted the written tests for ADRE Grade III and Grade IV Posts. The result for written tests for Grade III & Grade IV posts have been declared in the months of 28thOctober & 6thNovember, 2022. The candidates who have qualified the written tests need to appear in the Interview/Skill Test/Computer Test for final selection. To boost your preparation for Interview/Skill Test/Computer Test, please readout this article carefully here we have tried to provide few important tips which will definitely help you to qualify your Interview/Skill Test/Computer Test for Assam Direct Recruitment Grade III and Grade IV Posts.

Assam Direct Recruitment Interview and Viva Test Preparation

Assam Direct Recruitment Grade III and Grade IV Interview Prepa

Assam Direct Recruitment Grade III and Grade IV Interview Preparation

The candidates who have qualified the written exams for Grade III and Grade IV Posts need to appear the interview or skill test for final selection. For preparation of interview attend mock interviews as many as possible, if possible appear mock interviews conducted by private institute. Else appear for mock interview in front of your family members or friends and tell them to evaluate you. The mock interviews will definitely give you confidence for real interview. Please be calm and dress properly to appear the interview panel. On the day of the interview you need to carry your original documents with you. To bring the necessary documents with you on the day of interview please keep your documents in a File or Folder in a well organised way. Follow the bellow given points for better preparation for Interview.

How To Prepare Yourself For Interview

  • Regarding Dress Code: To appear the interview panel candidates are advised to ware a comfortable formal dress (Formal Pants-Shirt with or without tie and coat for Male Candidates and Suridar or Mekhela-Sador or Sharee for Female Candidates) of light color. Make sure the dress has been tried before the interview. If you are participating on mock interview please try to ware the same dress and check the comfortability. In respect of all candidates check your foot wares ( Formal Shoe for Male Candidates ) are comfortable or not.
  • Regarding the meal before Interview: Though we are generally ignore of having meal before appearing the interview, it is not a good practice. As, you are unaware about the timing of your turn on the day of interview. Therefore you are advised to have a light meal before you go for interview and do not forget to keep a water bottle and soft drinks like liquid ORS etc. with you
  • Going to appear the interview: Before going to appear the interview panel please check your documents folder, dress, hair etc. once again. Keep your documents folder on your left hand and open door of interview room gently with your right hand and ask for permission to enter in the room. As the interview panel will allow you to enter in the room close the door gently. After entering in the room greet the interview panel with Good Morning/ After Noon/ Evening (depending on the interview time). Until you are told to be seated stand besides the chair and seat in a proper way after allowed by the panel .
  • During the interview: Keep yourself calm, listen carefully to the interviewer and try to answer the questions with a smiling face. If you do not have any idea on the question asked by the panel just politely say that you are unaware about the answer. After the conclusion of interview: Thank to the interview panel and come out from the room carefully.
  • After the conclusion of interview: Thank to the interview panel and come out from the room carefully.

Assam Direct Recruitment 2022 Interview Questions

The model questions for Grade III and Grade IV posts under Assam Govt. are given below. The interview panel may ask the below given questions for Assam Direct Recruitment interview.

  • 1. Please tell us about yourself.
    • Answer: In respect of this question you have to tell about your Name, Place of living, your educational background, your hobbies etc.
  • 2. Please tell us about your place.
    • Answer: You should well prepare for this question because interview panel expect that you have a good knowledge on your own place. Therefore please check the history and current affairs related to you District/Town etc.
  • 3. Question on Current Affairs.
    • Answer: To answer current affairs related questions please read atleast a news paper regularly. You may also check the news paper analysis available in the various YouTube channels to keep updated yourself. Well, to predict the exact interview question is not possible. However, we have tried to portrait few model questions as given above for better preparation of the candidates. Please make yourself prepared for the aforementioned common questions. Check this article time to time we will update the number questions with answer.

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