Synonyms – English Grammar MCQ For Competitive Exams 2022

English Grammar MCQ Question And Answer PDF

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Synonyms - English Grammar MCQ For Competitive Exam 2022

Synonyms English Grammar MCQ 48+ Important Question

What Is Synonyms ?

Ans :- A Synonyms is word or phrase which is identical/similar in meaning with that of another words or phrase. For example, the synonym of the words ‘Abominate’ is “To hate”.

Exercise For Practice

Directions (Qs. 1 to 26): In each of these questions, you will find a sentence, a part of which is underlined. For each underlined part, four word/phrases are suggested. choose the word/phrase nearest in meaning to the underlined part.

English Grammar MCQ

1. The guests were offended by his uncouth behaviour.

(A) Snobbish

(B) Unnatural

(C) Unconventional

(D) Ungracious

2. The pianist played the tune with verve.

(A) Enthusiasm

(B) Tenderness

(C) Efficiency

(D) Depth

3. It is possible that printed book will soon become obsolete.

(A) Boring

(B) Inaccessible

(C) Unfashionable

(D) out-of-date

4. We Should emulate the examples of our teachers.

(A) Study

(B) Admire

(C) Follow

(D) Imitate

5. As he is prudent, he will be successful in his life.

(A) Courageous

(B) Punctual

(C) Intelligent

(D) Careful

6. He felt incensed at the way he was treated.

(A) Hurt

(B) Tortured

(C) Angry

(D) Insulted

7. Officers responsible for the abortive coup were punished.

(A) Unsatisfying

(B) Bloodless

(C) Unsuccessful

(D) Chaotic

8. He never recovered from the loss of his wife.

(A) Got by

(B) Got over

(C) Got aside

(D) Got Rid

9. The poor man stood abashed at the display of wealth.

(A) Embarrassed

(B) Humiliated

(C) Surprised

(D) Elevated

10. He received the accolade he deserved so well.

(A) Honour

(B) Appreciation

(C) Greeting

(D) Award

ANTONYMS – English Grammar MCQ

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